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Cascini Raúl Cascini and another expulsion Author: Roberto Morcillo

Raúl Cascini had an unfortunate turnout that aroused the anger of much of the...

As we are
Medicos May the doctors forgive me Author: Bob Ventura

May the doctors forgive me and God and the Fatherland not sue me. All of them...

No-entendimos-nada We didn't understand anything. Author: Bob Ventura

We didn't understand anything about coexistence and its basic rules. Like res...

Politics and Economics
Y-por-qué-no And why not? Author: Victoriano Barragan

What do we do wrong to not be one of the best countries to live in the world?...

Jus-imparcial Impunity of Judges Author: Bob Ventura

If the Judges are impartial, there can be no Justice for anyone. So, nothing...

Politics and Economics
La-Arg-peronista Peronist Argentina Author: Bob Ventura

What we have experienced a thousand and one times and what we can come to liv...

cárceles What do we want prisons for? Author: Bob Ventura

Prisons are necessary, unfortunately. But as they are today, they are useless...

Editorial 22.07 Betrayal of the Fatherland Author: Bob Ventura

Treason of the Fatherland is criminalized in the Criminal Code. I think his p...

El reino del reves The kingdom of the backhand Author: Bob Ventura

“I am right; you are turned,” said Luca Prodan. If we continue to believe it,...

Justice must be blind? Posta? Author: Bob Ventura

The figure of Argentine Justice has its eyes covered, because all citizens mu...

Emiliano-Sala-piloto An Englishman talking about the “post-truth”? Author: Bob Ventura

Why don't we just decide to grow up at once? Why do truth and post-truth live...

To the clutches with justice Author: Bob Ventura

Justice is at hand in the area. And it's time to drop the judges who don't ch...

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