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cocinero Holupchi: a Ukrainian dish to suck your fingers Author: Marcelo De Lisio

Holupchi or “wrapped children” of cabbage are the contribution of Ukrainian c...

As we are
Jerónimo-Llorens Afro-Cordobes exist and resist Author: Bianca Ruggia

The blood that runs through our veins is red, but it's also black. We Afro-Co...

Historia43 The other way to make city Author: Sergio Prudencstein

The change of model imposed by modernity influenced very strongly the standar...

Historia42 The Mutuals Author: Sergio Prudencstein

Long before the advent of the 20th century, the Workers' Movement had already...

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Caminito Caminito: the street of colors Author: Hipolito Azema

Caminito, the best known street in the city of Buenos Aires (and even the cou...

fiesta-del-inmigrante The Feast of the Immigrant and much of us in Oberá Author: Adrian Farina

Oberá and his communities make Misiones an invitation to live the European an...

acordeon-argentina How did the accordion get to Argentina? Author: Gabriela Saavedra

The accordion got off the ships: it came with European immigration from place...

How we talk
cabecita-negra Where does the nickname “Little Black Head” come from? Author: Hipolito Azema

What exactly is a “little black head”? Since when does it exist? Classt, raci...

Politics and Economics
Paraiso-Venezolano The Venezuelan paradise Author: Bob Ventura

For Venezuelans, our country is a paradise. For the planners, too. Except for...

Un país de hijos de puta A country of bastards Author: Bob Ventura

In some respects, we are a long way from “A country with good people”. On the...

HISTORIA15 The hard work of knowing who we are Author: Sergio Prudencstein

Los argentinos, especialmente los porteños, parecerían estar étnicamente liga...

As we are
If Walter White had come to Argentina, Breaking Bad didn't exist. Author: Hipolito Azema

Theme of the week: foreigners in hospitals, yes or no? (Part Three).

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