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Stories of people
Astróloga A Woman in Astronomy Author: Julio De Martini

Astronomy looks like a man's thing. Yelem breaks with that myth and, as a wom...

As we are
mujeres-festejo A real revolution Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Things are changing, and this Women's Day is not like it used to be. On March...

Stories of people
fleitas-bombera Nurse and firefighter: the story of a heroine Author: Laura Exposito

Her name is Gabriela Fleitas and for 25 years she has been the only volunteer...

Stories of people
Celeste-Giacchetta-y-Matías-Trigo Luán: the first baby of mom and dad trans Author: Bianca Ruggia

The first baby that brings gender and dissident perspective in the blood was...

No-entendimos-nada We didn't understand anything. Author: Bob Ventura

We didn't understand anything about coexistence and its basic rules. Like res...

Business and Enterprises
MODA SIN PREJUICIOS Fashion without prejudice? Author: Redacción

Clear, solid and decisive values to make the industry grow by developing in t...

Business and Enterprises
Two out of ten Argentine companies are headed by women Author: Redacción

Only two out of ten Argentine companies have women in their highest executive...

Justice must be blind? Posta? Author: Bob Ventura

The figure of Argentine Justice has its eyes covered, because all citizens mu...

Dejen-de-mostrar-las-tetas Stop showing your breasts. Author: Bob Ventura

It is not the best way to achieve equality. Show your breasts to protest you...

Business and Enterprises
mujeres 12 actions to promote women in SMEs Author: Paulina

There are several policies and actions that you can implement to support the...

Stories of people
Motorcycling Author: Redacción

On our motorcycles it doesn't matter if you are a professional, employee, bus...

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