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How we talk
Idiomas The languages of Santa Fe and Paraná Author: Julio De Martini

Despite their proximity, Santa Fe and Paraná have very striking differences i...

Matías-Ortiz A language we all speak Author: Marcelo De Lisio

Matías Ortiz is the missionary musician who speaks a new language, linking mu...

Stories of people
liu Argenchina Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Like many foreigners, Ana came from China to work in our country. But he had...

How we talk
Lenguaje norteño The northern language, an indigenous cultural treasure Author: Adrian Farina

The Argentines of the north have a language that for many is different, but i...

How we talk
La letra S The letter S: basic diet of santafesino Author: Julio De Martini

Not to pronounce the ese, when speaking in the plural, is a basic rule of the...

Business and Enterprises
cajeros-chaco Wichis and Qom may be banked Author: Adrian Farina

For a few years now, the Nuevo Banco del Chaco has been developing an unmatch...

How we talk
lenguaje-emojis What are you trying to say to me? Author: Mmosquera

Human beings, in the swing between incommunicado and the use of the language...

How we talk
argentinos-a-las-cosas Argentines, to things Author: Hipolito Azema

Where does the expression “Argentinos, to things” come from? What is its true...

How we talk
diccionario-correntino-2 Correntino Dictionary: Episode II Author: Adrian Farina

Second installment of the Correntino dictionary, one of the richest popular v...

How we talk
diccionario-correntino Correntino Dictionary: Episode I Author: Adrian Farina

Castilian plus Guaraní conjugate, practically, in the emergence of a new lang...

How we talk
Introducción-al-vocabulario-salteño Introduction to the elementary Salteño vocabulary Author: Adrian Farina

If you go to Salta, you will listen to a set of words typical of the Salteño...

Entre Ríos
Alemanes-del-Volga Volga Germans: cultural rendezvous in Entre Ríos Author: Adrian Farina

Entre Ríos today has one of the largest German communities in Argentina: the...

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