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Llegaron las zapas del distanciamiento social Mood Author: Redacción

6 de July de 2020

Cuervos de alma That's how the crows are. Author: Redacción

They say in the football environment, there's no swell like that of San Loren...

La-Mole-Moli From the ring to the boards Author: Bianca Ruggia

A day like today was born the Mole Moli, the controversial boxer from Cordoba...

Maitena Women revolutionize graphic humor Author: Mariano Oropeza

Women also got into Argentine graphic humor. And Maitena is perhaps the great...

Midachi The great humorists of Santafesinos Author: Julio De Martini

The Midachi trio is on its way to the four decades of career. Humorists are a...

Hecatombe A hecatomb of Cordovan humor Author: Bianca Ruggia

The humorous catastrophe we all want to happen. Hecatombe produces content th...

Mientras nos matan While they kill us... Author: Bianca Ruggia

Quarantine is a near-paranormal situation. A horror film for victims of gende...

Diego-Isidro-Mesa A poet of humor Author: Bianca Ruggia

Juan Carlos Mesa was a multifaceted artist. On the anniversary of his birth,...

Los-Caligaris Nobody's perfect and this band knows it. Author: Bianca Ruggia

No one is perfect, it is the chorus of the most famous song of this Cordovan...

Vocación por el humor Marcos Mundstock Vocation for humor Author: Julio De Martini

As a child, Mundstock's talent was to make a laugh. Curiosities of this saint...

Gordillo en casa Getting to know the north at home and from humor Author: Leopoldo Silva

The quarantine led many comedians to do free online shows. This is a good way...

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