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Papas-a-la-Huancayna Potatoes a la Huancayna Author: Bianca Ruggia

To what? We tell you a traditional recipe from Peru, which conquered the hear...

cebolla Onion cake Author: Bianca Ruggia

In Córdoba we use all the creativity at the time of cooking. We'll tell you w...

As we are
Romper los huevos The tradition of breaking eggs is about to end Author: Marcelo De Lisio

In Misiones, a project was presented to stop the loss of eggs, flour and weed...

Tomates The noble stuffed tomatoes Author: Tito Crespo

There are recipes that do not fail with anyone. And that we can all prepare t...

Pesanke en Apóstoles (1) Pesanke: a millennial tradition in Misiones Author: Marcelo De Lisio

The Pesanke is an ancient Ukrainian and Polish tradition. It exists since bef...

matambre con rusa (1) Our beloved Matambre with Russian Author: Tito Crespo

Matambre con Rusa is already an Argentine dish, of so traditional. An unfaili...

tomates-rellenos For the side of tomatoes Author: Tito Crespo

Tomatoes are an extraordinary food. Delicious. Versatile. Highly protein. And...

El almendrado What to wear when visiting? Author: Tito Crespo

The almond tree is a prostrate, as they would say in Cordoba. A great idea to...

Sopa para el frío Soup for the cold Author: Tito Crespo

Take this soup, garlic, chorizo, crispy ham and egg, and I swear you're able...

Solidarity fingerprint
Cocinarán un pastel de papas They will cook a giant potato cake for 300 people in a neighborhood of Santa Rosa Author: Paulina

The group “The Friends of Solidarity” will cook this Saturday a giant potato...

Alfajores patrios Alfajorcitos to celebrate the Fatherland Day Author: @escritoraderecetas

The people want to know what this recipe is about!

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