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Rosa The woman of love stories Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Nené Cascallar was one of the most important radiotheaters and teleteatros in...

_Valle-de-Punilla Stories of tuberculosis, mental imbalances and terror Author: Bianca Ruggia

A building that has a very strong historical and energetic load, houses the m...

Robin Hood tucumano The Tucuman Robin Hood Author: Leopoldo Silva

Born more than 100 years ago, Bazán frías, known as the Robin Hood Tucuman, i...

Rossi Being young and living for others Author: Julio De Martini

The social project in which the young Luciano Rossi works, together with an i...

Jorge-Lozano La apasionante vida de Jorge Lozano Author: Redacción

Jorge Lozano es uno de los escritores y productores televisivos más important...

Betina-Sole Betina, the historian of Soledad Author: Adrian Farina

A Correntina fan who finds in the letters the magic that Sole Pastorutti tran...

Tajima The famous landscaper who maintains a part of his homeland in Buenos Aires Author: Redacción

More than 50 years after arriving in Argentina, Minoru Tajima confesses that...

xilografa The xylographer that gives life to a technique of yesteryear Author: Redacción

Luisa Freixas is inspired by her children to give a modern touch to the art o...

valentin-lepi The young Frenchman who lights the oldest oven in the city Author: Redacción

Valentín Papin came from Brittany to work with a century-old oven in Villa Or...

roverano I met the manager of the centenary building where Pope Francis cut his hair. Author: Redacción

There is only one man who can attest to how little things have changed over t...

binal Ten life stories that overcome physical barriers and impacted society Author: Redacción

Life stories of Argentines with results that impacted society from sports to...

Carlos Suizer “I'm a poor bastard who plays the piano like the gods,” said Suizer, the “street pianist” Author: Redacción

Carlos Suizer, the man who became known after playing the piano in River when...

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