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Salta-Perro Animal protection grows in Salta Author: Adrián Farina

Animal protection in Salta ceased to be an activist's task. Municipalities, u...

perro-roabia1 Vaccinate your pet against rabies? Author: Redacción

Rabies is a very serious infectious disease caused by a virus that attacks th...

The zeal in the cats Author: Redacción

Cats are mammals with a very strong and accentuated sexuality.

vision-gatos How do cats see? Author: Redacción

The vision of cats is different from ours. Do you want to know how cats see a...

gato-triste1 How to recognize if your cat is sad? Author: Redacción

Did you notice your most apathetic cat? If you've lost your appetite, don't w...

gato How to make a cat more sociable Author: Redacción

Discover some tricks to make your pet more sociable!

AdobeStock_57041458 Pets chosen by Argentines Author: eparodi

It is clear that the Argentinean prefers by a large majority to the dogs

More than half of domestic dogs and cats are overweight Author: Bob Ventura

A survey conducted by Mars Petcare on a global level, yielded interesting res...

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