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arquitectura-san-juan Judicial City takes shape in San Juan Author: Adrian Farina

The Judicial City already has a winner for the formulation of its draft. The...

Ciencia-correntina The future of Correntina science, in Tecnópolis Author: Adrian Farina

A hundred students and teachers presented their scientific projects at FNIE a...

Quién-les-enseña-a-los-maestros Who teaches teachers? Author: Bob Ventura

Teachers have arrogated themselves to the power to educate the boys. But that...

Aprendamos-de-las-chicas Let's learn from the girls Author: Bob Ventura

Girls have a lot to teach us to improve as a country. Let us not meet them, j...

grieta The crack does not exist Author: Bob Ventura

The rift is inherent in all mankind since we became civilization. The importa...

As we are
To a happy 2050! Author: Bob Ventura

2050 is tomorrow. Let him be happy for all of us. But for that, we have to ch...

It was all together, Palaces. Author: Bob Ventura

The President will go down in history as the man who returned us to the place...

As we are
Agustin, an example of honesty Author: Gabriela Saavedra

That values are taught at home, in the end, is true.

Interview with Baby Etchecopar Author: lansaldo

"I have so many memories that I don't have any. My life is a succession of av...

So what do we do now? Author: Bob Ventura

We have to fight for this country to succeed.

Do not ask yourselves what the country will do for you, but what you will do for the country. Author: Bob Ventura

If we don't tidy this up a bit, we'll still be a third world country.

Rethinking Argentina Author: Redacción

It is imperative that we rethink what we are going to do with our country tod...

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