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seleccion-futbol Selection Formosignals Author: Adrian Farina

Formosa is a province that managed to deliver players from the national team,...

Lenguaje norteño The northern language, an indigenous cultural treasure Author: Adrian Farina

The Argentines of the north have a language that for many is different, but i...

Diccionario formoseño 2 Formose Dictionary Episode II Author: Adrian Farina

Second installment with 10 common words of the popular language of the Formos...

Diccionario formoseño episodio 1 Formose Dictionary Episode I Author: Adrian Farina

10 common words of popular language are part of this release of the Formoseus...

Formosa-Da-Gusto Formosa and its gastronomic tradition Author: Adrian Farina

Formosa Da Gusto is an event that came to stay, showing the gastronomic cultu...

el-impenetrable-chaco The Impenetrable, new national park Author: Adrian Farina

The Impenetrable is one of the least explored places in the country. In El Ch...

Papel Formosa reduces paper usage Author: Adrian Farina

Formose primary education and a new proposal: reduce the use of paper and be...

cultura-inclusion Wichí culture and language gain recognition Author: Adrian Farina

The native culture of our lands is regaining its enjoyment and adapts to toda...

chamame-notajpg Chamamé, the most original and multicultural dance Author: Adrian Farina

The cultural and historical confluence of the coast is fully expressed in eve...

clima-santa-fe Santa Fe, a heat like living in an oven Author: Redacción

The heat is unbearable in Santa Fe. A guide to visit the months when the heat...

Norte-argentino The Northern Tone, Between Prejudice and Cultural Recognition Author: Adrian Farina

When the northern tone crosses the country is unknown to many, perhaps despis...

AC-Colchones-Formosa The first mattress factory in Formosa Author: Adrian Farina

The first mattress factory in the province was officially inaugurated with th...

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