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leche-asad Let's have a roast, have some milk? Author: Bianca Ruggia

“Hagamo un asado, tomemo fernet,” says the song of Los Caligaris... We change...

flan A custard to be happy Author: Gabriela Saavedra

A delicious, easy and very Argentinean dessert. Homemade custard is prepared...

4-postres-argentinos 4 Argentine desserts 4 Author: Tito Crespo

We go through the list of desserts awarded by Argentines and there are only 4...

Argentines around the world
La huella Argentina's “The Footprint” in Austria Author: Bob Ventura

Where there's an Argentinian, there's rich food. Such is the case of “The Foo...

Flan con caramelo Sweet milk custard and sesame tuile Author: Nicogaray

The recipe for a classic Argentine dessert with an extra touch to surprise.

Super homemade custard Author: @escritoraderecetas

With a small modification you can make a custard that the boys will love.

58203052 The best recipe. Author: Redacción

A classic that doesn't die and reinvents itself: still lifes. Simple and hear...

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