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Tierra del Fuego
Presidio desde el aire ok The Museums of the End of the World Author: Miguel Cabrera

On your next holiday in Argentina schedule to visit the southernmost city in...

Félix Paz Felix Paz, governor of the end of the world Author: Octavio Del Real

Felix Paz was the first governor of the national territory of Tierra del Fueg...

Tierra del Fuego
En-tren-al-fin-del-Mundo By train... to the end of the world Author: Laura Exposito

In the 20th century, Fuegian prisoners took the journey of this “locomotive o...

Tierra del Fuego
Canal-de-Beagle Beagle Channel, a Fuegian experience at the end of the world Author: Laura Exposito

The landscapes of Ushuaia are one of the most beautiful in Argentina, and the...

Tierra del Fuego
Ciudad de Ushuaia fin del mundo City of Ushuaia: end of the world, beginning of everything Author: Paulina

The city of Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego, offers varied experiences that amaz...

Tierra del Fuego
Ushuaia will celebrate the arrival of winter with a ten-day party Author: Paulina

There will be nights dedicated to rock, quartet, tango, folklore, electronic...

Tierra del Fuego
mitre Get to the end of the world on horseback Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Peninsula Mitre, in Tierra del Fuego, offers a different experience than only...

Tierra del Fuego
The end of the world, literal Author: Redacción

In the province of Tierra del Fuego is the southernmost postal unit on the pl...

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