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fernet Entrance, dish, dessert and appetizer: all 100% Cordobés Author: Bianca Ruggia

From Ser Argentino we put together a 100% Cordovan menu that has entrance, ma...

fernet 2 gourmet recipes and with fernet Author: Bianca Ruggia

We tell you 2 recipes that can accompany you on any special occasion. Two del...

comidas con fernet Complete menu fernetero Author: Bianca Ruggia

We put together the fernetero menu that you can experience. This is a unique...

Urban Legends
Fernet con Coca Where was the fernet with coca born Author: Bianca Ruggia

We tell you one of the many hypotheses that circulate around the creation of...

As we are
Fernet en bolsa Latest trend: fernet on the stock market Author: Bianca Ruggia

We tell you the new trend that surprises the world and scares the Cordobeses....

beneficios del fernet 8 benefits of fernet you didn't know Author: Bianca Ruggia

It's not that we Cordobés are drunk... We're very healthy! We tell you 8 bene...

Fernet The fernet Author: Araujo Carlos

In certain environments fernet is considered as the national drink of Argenti...

How we talk
comemos We eat a couple of lyrics Author: Bianca Ruggia

In the main diet of the people of Cordoba we have: fernet with coca, salami f...

As we are
Cordobeses por adopción Cordobeses by adoption Author: Bianca Ruggia

The story of our beloved Cordoba is full of wonderful characters. However, ma...

Vermouth-Giovannoni Who is the world champion of vermouth? Author: Gabriela Saavedra

On Twitter, the World of Appetizers and Vermouth was organized and there was...

Fernet Blessed remedy Author: Bianca Ruggia

The fernet wasn't always about a drink. We tell you the story of fernet pills...

Fernet With everything Author: Bianca Ruggia

The fernet, in Cordoba, goes “with everything”. If there is no coke, there ar...


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