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Health and Esthetics
Villa-Ciudad-Parque Villa Ciudad Parque: Argentine pioneer Author: Bianca Ruggia

Villa Ciudad Parque is the first town in Cordoba to legalize community cannab...

Solidarity fingerprint
Orquesta-Sinfónica-de-Salta The Symphonic Orchestra of Solidarity Author: Leopoldo Silva

Musicians from the Salta Symphony Orchestra helped, with some of their salari...

Coca Free coca leaf? Author: Leopoldo Silva

This northern tradition, which is preserved very strongly, was the eye of con...

As we are
Medicos May the doctors forgive me Author: Bob Ventura

May the doctors forgive me and God and the Fatherland not sue me. All of them...

Politics and Economics
Grafic Coronavirus and economics Author: Sebastian Aurucci

More dangerous effects than health. A disease that attacks the heart of the w...

Politics and Economics
Juiciosss The crown judgments Author: Marcos A Sanchez

The crown trial or post-coronavirus trials will inevitably be thousands and i...

Politics and Economics
Sobre llovido Over raining, wet! Author: Marcos A Sanchez

As if we do not have enough of our bleak economic landscape, we will have to...

San Luis Saa In San Luis, you have to take turns to get out Author: Gabriela Saavedra

To strengthen social isolation, Governor Alberto Rodríguez Saá ordered citize...

Stories of people
Bibliotecaria-Griselda The popular librarian Author: Adrian Farina

Mobilized solely by love and passion, Griselda Zandoná, the popular librarian...

All environment
Rosario-Sta-fe Rosario opens its access to the river taking care of the environment Author: Pablo Arrizabalaga

Rosario works to comply with its Strategic Plan for Sustainability and Care o...

Geo-información-y-satélites Geo information and satellites guard native forests Author: Adrian Farina

Chaco uses world-class technology to take care of its natural resources. The...

Playa Argentino rude! Author: Bob Ventura

An insult that defines us is rude. We heard it. We are. It's sad, but remedia...

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