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Argentines around the world
Miguel-de-San-Martín-otra A Southern Between NASA and Mars Author: Laura Exposito

His name is Miguel San Martín and he is a Rionegrin. He's been working for NA...

catamarca-observatorio Catamarca and the doors to the universe Author: Adrian Farina

Catamarca — more precisely, Santa Maria — is exploiting a new tourist resourc...

imagen005-1 Salta lights his “flame” into space Author: Adrian Farina

The LLAMA project is located in Salta and will be one of the most important p...

becados-por-la-nasa Think Big: From Patagonia to NASA Author: Laura Exposito

Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut? Four students from Rio Black and...

chaco-meteorito Field of Heaven and the Chaco Meteorites Author: Adrian Farina

One of the largest meteorites in the world is in Campo del Cielo, in Chaco. A...

mono juan The story of the monkey Juan, the “first Argentine astronaut” to reach space Author: Redacción

A monkey from the missionary jungle, weighing a kilo and a half and his name...

espacio argentina It is not “impossible for an Argentine to reach space” Author: Redacción

Víctor Demaría Pesce, Argentine scientist specializing in space medicine, sai...

As we are
como-vaciar-la-mente ¿Cómo vaciar la mente de lo que no nos sirve? Author: Alicia Orfila

Vaciemos la mente para abandonar ideas, creencias y pensamientos que nos guia...

As we are
Un pequeño consejo para hacer espacio para lo nuevo Author: Alicia Orfila

¿Querés que “entren” a tu vida cosas nuevas y mejores que las del año anterio...

Social architecture Author: rrecondo

Architects should be aware of the non-private space, on which they do not cha...

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