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4 vacas gordas The defenration of a different blend Author: Dario Le Bihan

Four fat cows: an example of the wines to come.

Red moon: a wine that pays homage to Soda Stereo Author: Dario Le Bihan

The new generations of winemakers leave their mark when it comes to capturing...

Kaiken A wine that flies over the Cordillera Author: Dario Le Bihan

Get to know more about the Kaiken Winery, whose wines are recognized all over...

Finca Martha Get to know the history of a farm that has existed since 1909 Author: Dario Le Bihan

Finca Martha: a beautiful establishment in the agricultural area of San Rafae...

Waiting for Valentine's Day Author: Dario Le Bihan

Meet the first Argentine wine with long maturation.

Trapiche-2 Why does the 500cc wine bottle exist? Author: Dario Le Bihan

Around 2000, Trapiche launched a unique feature on the market: the 500 cc bot...

tipsvino Tips for enjoying a wine Author: Dario Le Bihan

Wine is a living being inside a bottle. That's why it has a beginning, a deve...

Surprise yourself with the family history of the winery Gimenez Riili Author: Dario Le Bihan

These wines express the freshness of childhood and youth, that always nourish...

The best team Author: Dario Le Bihan

The fan is the real winner who let, this time, three big ones pass to the fin...

Market shelves Author: Dario Le Bihan

Petit Verdot is a strain that until 1852 was mixed with Malbec.

Organic Score Author: Dario Le Bihan

A good red exponent for lovers of organic wines, always endowed with great ch...

Historical records Author: Dario Le Bihan

The adventure of complexing the alchemy of the vines used and simplifying the...

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