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Combi-completa Argenta combination: patties and wine Author: Exequiel Nacevich

One, more Mendoza than the other. The empanadas have their cuyana version, wh...

Empanadas-río River flavored patties Author: Julio De Martini

The river fish is what gives the patties the santafesino character. A simple...

La-ciudad-de-las-réplicas The city of replicas Author: Adrian Farina

“La ciudad de las replicas”, the documentary directed by Belina Zavadisca, sh...

empanada-argentina-cordoba Cordoban empanadas Author: Bianca Ruggia

Each province has its special empanada: Córdoba is not left behind. We tell y...

Empanadas What's a pie? Author: Gabriela Saavedra

An empanada, for Argentines, is much more than a dish of food. It's part of o...

una-empanada-argentina There is one empanada for every Argentinian Author: Hipolito Azema

Almost all cultures have their version of what we know as “empanada”. But our...

Las-verdaderas-empanadas The true patties of Santafecinas Author: Pablo Arrizabalaga

Each province is distinguished by what they add and remove to this food so ou...

Empanadas More than empanadas, enbolladas Author: Exequiel Nacevich

Empanadas are a national classic, but each region has its own particular reci...

achilata Achilata, Tucuman tradition against heat Author: Adrian Farina

It's fresh like ice cream, it can go in cones or glasses like ice cream, but...

chila1 Gastronomic rebels of the Buenos Aires menu Author: Redacción

Four personalities from Buenos Aires propose a new way to captivate the world...

gastronomia-argentina Meals of May 25, 1810 Author: Tito Crespo

We shed light on some meals from 1810 that we consume differently today. Or w...

Empanaditas-estilo-arabe Arabic style pies Author: @escritoraderecetas

What can lift a bad day? I pick it up with these pies that are my Arabic ver...

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