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As we are
Traccion-a-Sangre1 Resistance to blood traction Author: Adrian Farina

In a popular consultation, the Chaco society established the first foundation...

Patio-Olmos Patio Olmos: from “Yes can” to “Alberto president” Author: Bianca Ruggia

Córdoba celebrated the triumph of Alberto Fernández. But he celebrated the cl...

Macri-Fernandez Welcome to rationality Author: Redacción

Rationality must be part of our daily lives. We must add it to our passion. F...

La-alegría-no-es-solo-brasilera Joy is not only Brazilian Author: Bob Ventura

We celebrate as far as there isn't. We cover, so as not to suffer the “misfor...

fiesta-del-inmigrante The Feast of the Immigrant and much of us in Oberá Author: Adrian Farina

Oberá and his communities make Misiones an invitation to live the European an...

Jus-imparcial Impunity of Judges Author: Bob Ventura

If the Judges are impartial, there can be no Justice for anyone. So, nothing...

Politics and Economics
SmartMatic PASO scrutiny observers criticized SmartMatic's performance and recommended improvements Author: Redacción

It was considered 'necessary' for the company to 'substantially improve the a...

Politics and Economics
Elecciones This Sunday begins the electoral audiovisual advertising for the PASs Author: Redacción

It will be extended until the beginning of the closed order on August 9, two...

grieta The crack does not exist Author: Bob Ventura

The rift is inherent in all mankind since we became civilization. The importa...

Politics and Economics
Argentina flag, intergration of a multicultural group of young people. A real political and social agreement Author: Sebastian Aurucci

The challenge of summarizing the last two centuries and projecting Argentina...

Politics and Economics
Macri: "I am convinced that Argentines do not want to go back to the past” Author: Redacción

I am the first to realize that the path of change that we embarked on is begi...

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