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Art and Literature
La Biblioteca Roja The Red Library: books with memory Author: Bianca Ruggia

In the month of memory, we tell you everything about a book that compiles the...

News of the Day
Ataque guarnición militar de Azul Blue military garrison attack Author: Redacción

On 19 January 1974, a group of 80 ERP guerrillas attacked the military garris...

Art and Literature
Tito Cossa Tito Cossa: Argentina's scene without fourth wall Author: Mariano Oropeza

On the same Day of the National Theatre, the anniversary of a playwright who...

Art and Literature
Daniel Moyano Cordobés by adoption: this writer is feró Author: Bianca Ruggia

“It is feró” is the headline expression to say something or someone is very g...

cara con ojos vendados The pearl that does not shine Author: Bianca Ruggia

We tell you all the information to visit La Perla, just 15 km from the capita...

Art and Literature
Eugenia-Almeida All collectives lead to Almeida Author: Bianca Ruggia

Eugenia Almeida is a Cordovan writer who immerses us in hybrid adventures, mi...

Tercer Festival de Poesia por Horacio Bascuñan Poetry to the virtual hat Author: Sofi Haller

Artists and poets from Neuquén raised their solidarity voices to raise funds...

Art and Literature
Cordobazo-de-las-mujeres The other voices of Cordobazo Author: Bianca Ruggia

A book by Bibiana Fulchieri tells us the stories of the women who participate...

Cordobesazos, recordamos el Cordobazo Cordobesazos, we remember the Cordobazo Author: Bianca Ruggia

A chapter in history that marked a before and after. A revolt that would weak...

Art and Literature
Daniel-Nelson-Salzano To the Cordovan poet Author: Bianca Ruggia

Popular and masterful, this poet was immortalized in one of the corners of Co...

Stories of people
antropologia forense (1) A Santafesina in the Nobel Peace nominated team Author: Julio De Martini

Anthropologist Sofía Egaña is part of the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Tea...

As we are
pañuelos blancos Cordoba does not forget Author: Bianca Ruggia

44 years after the longest coup d'état in Argentine history, Córdoba does not...


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