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Urban Legends
Gauchos-Muga How many were the Gauchos Mugas? Author: Julio De Martini

Mythical rural bandits of the early twentieth century, one, two and even thre...

The worst thing about us
Las Heras memes Jokes and memes against Las Heras Author: Exequiel Nacevich

Due to its historical past related to criminal activity, Las Heras (Mendoza)...

As we are
cuento-del-tio A new tale of uncle Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Taking advantage of the bewilderment that exists in society, criminals take a...

The worst thing about us
Los cowboys terminaron a los tiros The cowboys finished shooting. Author: Bob Ventura

They stole cowboy hats and unleashed a couple of shootings. A movie theft, wh...

The worst thing about us
La garza The fearsome assailant who became a collector Author: Bob Ventura

Oscar Hugo "La Garza" Sosa was the second of "El Gordo" Valor in the famous "...

Enforce the law is for giles Author: Bob Ventura

We walk the ledge of the illegal and fall down all the time. Compliance with...

The Death Penalty Court Author: Bob Ventura

If we are not going to have the death penalty, let it be for no one, and not...

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