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El-ajedrez-educativo-crece-en-Corrientes Educational chess grows in Corrientes Author: Adrián Farina

Corrientes organized the first meeting between schools to present the Educati...

Agustin-Gauto “The plane” Gauto World Champion Author: Roberto Morcillo

“El avión” Gauto reached a new coronation and confirmed why it is one of the...

Jeremías-Ponce A new World Champion Author: Roberto Morcillo

Jeremiah Ponce became IBO Superlight World Champion in Germany. He won by poi...

As we are
What is success? Author: Alicia Orfila

A successful mind is one that decides to feel good

Argentines around the world
When your destiny is to add up, what matters least is fate Author: Bob Ventura

Viqui adds up; does not compete... It adds and enriches from differences. And...

As we are
Messi MOTICE YOU FROM INSIDE Author: Alicia Orfila

We have “forgotten” that we have the mental capacity to self-motivate ourselv...

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