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Ser Argentino The solution to the Argentine problem Author: Marcos A Sanchez

The solution to the Argentine problem seems impossible for many, given the nu...

Ser Argentino The longest night Author: Sofi Haller

This year, with the quarantine, the drama: the biggest festival in Ushuaia wi...

Ser Argentino All collectives lead to Almeida Author: Bianca Ruggia

Eugenia Almeida is a Cordovan writer who immerses us in hybrid adventures, mi...

Ser Argentino Fly, fly, Barrel Author: Bianca Ruggia

The Barrilete Children's Museum closes its doors. Fly high and leave a window...

Ser Argentino Rosario de noche Author: Julio De Martini

La noche de Rosario tiene de todo para descubrir. La ciudad santafesina es de...

Ser Argentino Free coca leaf? Author: Leopoldo Silva

This northern tradition, which is preserved very strongly, was the eye of con...

Ser Argentino A very autochthonous video game Author: Leopoldo Silva

Pumawari Challenge, presented by the Secretariat of Culture of Rioja, is a vi...

Ser Argentino Devotee of art Author: Bianca Ruggia

We tell you the story of Alberto Gastaldi, a renowned painter, born in Devoto...

Ser Argentino Tucuman culture to enjoy at home Author: Leopoldo Silva

In an initiative of the Culture Agency of the Province, a page was created to...

Ser Argentino Do you know what these typical Salta expressions mean? Author: Leopoldo Silva

Do you know the typical expressions that the Salteños use? We tell you about...

Ser Argentino Do you know what the typical words of San Juan mean? Author: Leopoldo Silva

Idioms, words, all specifically from St. John, which are combined with its ch...

Ser Argentino Why is Milanese's Sánguche so famous? Author: Leopoldo Silva

The gastronomy of Tucumán, par excellence, is represented by the Sánguche de...

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