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As we are
delivery How nice it is to be delivery! Author: Bob Ventura

misfortunes of getting out of quarantine on a delivery bike. That saved me fr...

The worst thing about us
crimen-profesor The crime of the teacher and injustice Author: Exequiel Nacevich

Avelino Maure was finished by his partner and his best friend. Both were sent...

The worst thing about us
pedofilia Daniel Ludueña: paedophile and murderer Author: Bianca Ruggia

Daniel Ludueña (36) asked for an abbreviated trial that starts on Monday. Lif...

No-entendimos-nada We didn't understand anything. Author: Bob Ventura

We didn't understand anything about coexistence and its basic rules. Like res...

The worst thing about us
Asesinato-Cordoba Cruel murder in neighborhood Yofre Norte Author: Bianca Ruggia

Shock in Yofre Norte neighborhood (Córdoba), over the murder of a renowned me...

The worst thing about us
Amenaza-cordobeses Two Cordobes and a terrorist threat Author: Bianca Ruggia

Who are the Cordobes accused of making the terrorist threat in the US during...

The worst thing about us
Fratricidio Fratricide in Cordoba Author: Bianca Ruggia

Brothers be united, that's the first law. However, in the neighborhoods of Có...

The worst thing about us
Carolina-Piparo Gloria to Carolina Píparo Author: Bob Ventura

The death of Carolina Píparo's baby led to a whole banking security legislati...

The worst thing about us
Pilaga The first crime against humanity Author: Bob Ventura

The first crime against humanity in Argentine history was executed in the fir...

The worst thing about us
Amistades que matan Friendships that kill Author: Bob Ventura

Friendships are sometimes complex...

Argentines around the world
Un secuestrado en Madrid A kidnapped in Madrid Author: Bob Ventura

Juan Machinandiarena, an Argentine businessman, was kidnapped and released a...

The worst thing about us
Los cowboys terminaron a los tiros The cowboys finished shooting. Author: Bob Ventura

They stole cowboy hats and unleashed a couple of shootings. A movie theft, wh...

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