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Fila-para-todo We line up for everything Author: Julio De Martini

Less to wait for school! All the order that the Santafesinos show to queue we...

tradiciones Keeping traditions alive Author: Exequiel Nacevich

For years, Gaucha groups have been trying to keep Creole traditions alive. In...

Mate Mate and dulce de leche, in English Author: Julio De Martini

Will there be a country with more traditions than English? See how our zeal f...

Tucumán A list of Tucumanidad Author: Leopoldo Silva

Florencia Larrea is a Tucuman journalist who published a creative disclaimer...

Gente-de-bares Bar people Author: Julio De Martini

Santafesino is a bar lover. In the city there are all sizes and colors. But w...

San-juan Do you know what the typical words of San Juan mean? Author: Leopoldo Silva

Idioms, words, all specifically from St. John, which are combined with its ch...

sanguche de milanesa Why is Milanese's Sánguche so famous? Author: Leopoldo Silva

The gastronomy of Tucumán, par excellence, is represented by the Sánguche de...

pastel de papa Creole potato pie: easy and to prepare at home Author: Leopoldo Silva

Typical Argentine food, although with European origin, Creole potato pie is a...

A-no-compartir-el-mate-710x470-c-center Not to share the mate Author: Julio De Martini

The Secretary of Health of Santa Fe said there are contagions from sharing th...

siesta Siesta of Santiago: between health and stigmatization Author: Adrian Farina

Santiagueña siesta is the way to face the unbearable heat of northern Argenti...

carnaval-lincoln-ppal-sola The end of the monarchy Author: Gabriela Saavedra

The organization of the Carnival of Lincoln (Buenos Aires) decided, for the f...

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