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Art and Literature
mujeres Women who made Homeland Author: Mariano Oropeza

On a new anniversary of her death, we remember a writer who imagined the foun...

Florencia Aroldi Florencia Aroldi: “I would like my plays to be seen by those who do not go to the theater” Author: Redacción

Interview with the daughter of the remembered Norberto Aroldi and actress Mar...

Art and Literature
cortazar 35 phrases from Julio Cortázar Author: Redacción

Extracts, phrases and reflections from Cortazarian; the unique prose of the A...

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
cafe tortoni An emblematic: Café Tortoni Author: Redacción

It is the oldest Notable Bar in the city and national icons such as Gardel, B...

Julio_Cortazar 35 years without Cortázar Author: Gabriela Saavedra

February 12, 1984: Julio Cortázar died.

Art and Literature
Cortázar: the teenager who is not an adolescent at all Author: Marcelo Leonardi

Jorge Luis Borges who was amazed not only by the height, but also by the expa...

Art and Literature
Oh, Satori Author: Redacción

14 June 1986: Jorge Luis Borges died. Some criticize George Louis for writing...

Leo Messi Author: rrecondo

It is in Costanera Sur, on Paseo de la Gloria, where great characters of the...

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