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Ni-una-menos Not one less: three cases in Capilla Author: Bianca Ruggia

In addition to being a paradise in Cordoba, Capilla became a little dangerous...

Pichincha Pichincha: a neighborhood, a story, a heroine Author: Pablo Arrizabalaga

Pichincha is a neighborhood in the city of Rosario with a dark past where pro...

Y-por-qué-no And why not? Author: Victoriano Barragan

What do we do wrong to not be one of the best countries to live in the world?...

Jus-imparcial Impunity of Judges Author: Bob Ventura

If the Judges are impartial, there can be no Justice for anyone. So, nothing...

Niña conduciendo We're from kindergarten Author: Bob Ventura

The President of the Nation makes a tremendous complaint, but we look at the...

Detuvieron They arrested the Pope Author: Bob Ventura

The Pope was again arrested. It is the second time he succumbs to pleasure, i...

La idiotez de la obra pública The idiocy of public works Author: Bob Ventura

Idiotez may be a rather strong term, but there are certain questions that adm...

Justice must be blind? Posta? Author: Bob Ventura

The figure of Argentine Justice has its eyes covered, because all citizens mu...

De qué peronismo hablamos What Peronism do we talk about when we talk about Peronism? Author: Bob Ventura

Everyone calls themselves Peronists and I think Perón must be wallowing in th...

Monumento a “la coima” Guess which country is the Monument to la Coima Author: Bob Ventura

For 30 Lucas I give you a hint... Although I don't think you need much help g...

Emiliano-Sala-piloto An Englishman talking about the “post-truth”? Author: Bob Ventura

Why don't we just decide to grow up at once? Why do truth and post-truth live...

What the fuck are we complaining about? Author: Bob Ventura

Do you get angry because you have to drink Coto Cola instead of Coca Cola?

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