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Central-Córdoba Central Córdoba, the first big in the interior Author: Adrian Farina

Central Córdoba is a team in Santiago that today plays the Superliga and was...

Estadio Único de Santiago del Estero The imposing stadium of Santiago, for the Copa America Author: Adrian Farina

Santiago del Estero has invested millions in the construction of the Estadio...

River-y-su-historia-novena-parte River and its history: Part 9 Author: Hipolito Azema

It finishes disarming “the Machine” and with it leaves one of the most import...

Terceros Third parties in Brazil Author: Roberto Morcillo

The national cast beat 2-1 to the Trasandino outfit, and that's how we ended...

Un buan mamenta A good mamma Author: Roberto Morcillo

The National Team will manage, at best, to be third in the Cup. Not bad enoug...

A cortar clavos To cut nails Author: Roberto Morcillo

Cutting nails seems to be one of our passions. The day will come when we stop...

Messi Perez Lionel Perez Author: Roberto Morcillo

There is no doubt that Messi is the best of today. If Diego wasn't here, mayb...

Paciencia Patience Author: Roberto Morcillo

Patience is the greatest virtues, say the Chinese. We don't have it. That's w...

Murio Scaloni died. Author: Roberto Morcillo

They're already out to kill Scaloni, like most of the technicians. If the pro...

A cortar clavos To cut nails Author: Roberto Morcillo

We need to beat Qatar and get other results. Cut nails again! Let's understan...

Arrancamos mal We're bad, we're good. Author: Roberto Morcillo

We start a process that must be long, for the sake of the Selected. We have t...

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Podés ver este aviso sin llorar Can you see this ad without crying? Author: Gabriela Saavedra

TyC Sports launched an advertisement on the occasion of the Copa América in w...

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