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Diego-“Fito”-Yañez Diego and his Big House Author: Sofi Haller

A kid came to El Bolsón with a dream: not to cook meals, but to offer flavore...

tarta-de-arroz A dessert with a taste of childhood Author: Marcelo De Lisio

Ángelo Pedrazzoli, the star pastry chef in “Bake Off Argentina”, delights us...

Backe-Off Star pastry chef Author: Marcelo De Lisio

Angelo Pedrazzoli was awarded the star pastry chef's blue apron in “Bake Off...

cocinero Holupchi: a Ukrainian dish to suck your fingers Author: Marcelo De Lisio

Holupchi or “wrapped children” of cabbage are the contribution of Ukrainian c...

sabalo a la parrilla1 Shad filled on the grill Author: Julio De Martini

We offer you another variant to eat the shad, typical fish of the Santafesino...

Chupín-de-sábalo Shad pacifier Author: Julio De Martini

The shad, river fish par excellence, is a symbol of Santafesino. We tell you...

semitas-sanjuaninas1 Semitas, the faithful companions of the mate sanjuanino Author: Adrian Farina

Semitas with chicharrón are a homemade bread preparation that always accompan...

Dorado-cocina How to make a golden on the grill Author: Pablo Arrizabalaga

An emblematic fish of the Paraná River and one of the most sought after for i...

Berenjenas-en-escabeche Pickled aubergines Author: Tito Crespo

Pickled is a great preserve. Rich. It allows us to keep the food and also enj...

pastel de papas Potato pie Author: Nicogaray

An Argentine classic! Potato cake is one of the most satisfying and satisfyin...

boniatos asados Salad of roasted sweet potatoes Author: Nicogaray

Cheer up to this simple and delicious salad, where the fusion of flavors will...

Flan con caramelo Sweet milk custard and sesame tuile Author: Nicogaray

The recipe for a classic Argentine dessert with an extra touch to surprise.

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