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Federico Wegrzyn A Chubutense cougar Author: Sofi Haller

He was selected by Los Pumas to join the Argentine rugby shortlist. Who is th...

The worst thing about us
desahogo Outlet Author: Sofi Haller

The fact that a prosecutor defines a violation as “sexual relief” speaks of t...

As we are
Cajón-de-Ginebra-Grande It all started with a gin drawer Author: Sofi Haller

Cajón de Gin Chico and Cajón de Gin Grande are two Chubutense localities. Why...

Puerto-Madryn Puerto Madryn launches #FuturoViaje promotion Author: Laura Exposito

Now it will be possible to plan your visit to Puerto Madryn, the diving capit...

Solidarity fingerprint
App-Chubut It's not a treasure map, it's a solidarity map! Author: Laura Exposito

The solidarity map was promoted in Comodoro Rivadavia by a group of volunteer...

Paraíso Camping in paradise Author: Sofi Haller

Are you passionate about camping? You have to go to Los Alerces Park. Lake, f...

Tomate una foto en El Indio Puerto Madryn Take a picture in “El Indio” Author: Sofi Haller

We tell you why you have to go up to “El Indio” in Puerto Madryn and take a p...

As we are
Sudafriacanos South Africans in Patagonia Author: Sofi Haller

The Boers arrived in the early 20th century and settled in the steppe. The de...

_Rubén-Patagonia A Thunder in the South: Rubén Patagonia Author: Sofi Haller

We tell you the life story of Rubén Patagonia, one of the most indigenous mus...

Puerto-Loma Punta Loma, a southern nature reserve to enjoy all year round Author: Laura Exposito

In Puerto Madryn there are many natural wonders to live unique experiences al...

Stories of people
Jessica-Millaman0 She's trans and got a historic achievement for hockey Author: Laura Exposito

We tell you the story of Jessica Millaman, a Chubutense trans hockey player w...

Erossion-frente Erosion, a southern project awarded in Milan Author: Laura Exposito

A young architect from Chubut was recognized in Milan for his project. A mode...

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