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Santa Fe
cerveza-para-todos Beer for everyone Author: Julio De Martini

In a land where beer runs like water, it is no coincidence that one of the la...

Picada-Santa-Fe The authentic minced santafesina Author: Julio De Martini

I don't know if we invented it, but that the minced santafesina has specific...

San-patricio-Sta-Fe San Patricio in Santa Fe Author: Julio De Martini

The whole Santafesina brewing tradition meets with shows of all kinds at the...

As we are
porron-de-cerveza Let's go get a duck. Author: Julio De Martini

In addition to the plain, in Santa Fe we got together for duck. But be carefu...

Santa Fe
Boulevard-Pellegrini Strolling along Boulevard Author: Julio De Martini

Walking along Boulevard and choosing a little boat for a drink is a classic S...

tomar lisos Go out for a couple of smoothies Author: Julio De Martini

Few things represent Santa Fe as much as the habit of drinking plain ones, at...

Festival-de-la-Cerveza-Artesanal-Jujeña Jujeña craft beer has its festival Author: Adrian Farina

One of Jujuy's most popular drinks has its recognition at the Craft Beer Fest...

Business and Enterprises
Cervezas International beers that are well santafesinas Author: Redacción

Santa Fe is recognized as the land of beer. Several international brands chos...

Río Negro
Piltriquitron The Baggins of the Good Vibration (Part 1) Author: Laura Exposito

El Bolsón is located in the province of Rio Black and is considered the city...

Fest-2 December Fest: beer and bands Author: Exequiel Nacevich

Mendoza also has its beer party, but in December. A classic that this year wi...

Arístides1 You didn't come to Mendoza if you didn't go to Aristides. Author: Exequiel Nacevich

One of the most emblematic streets of our province. The “Aristides” offers ga...

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