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leonas “The Lionesses” without a podium Author: Roberto Morcillo

In the fight for the bronze medal, the women's team ran out of a podium in th...

Las Leonas empataron “The Lionesses” tied in London Author: Roberto Morcillo

In a new performance, “The Lionesses” tied in London. After the draw, those l...

Las leonas Scouing of “Las leonas” that enlightened Author: Roberto Morcillo

“Las leonas” thrilled against the United States. They claim in second place i...

Bonus Bonuses and smiles for “Las lionas” Author: Roberto Morcillo

In their last home performance, the Lionas equaled 1 to 1 against Australia a...

Leonas rosario “The Lionesses” and a Happy Ending in Rosario Author: Roberto Morcillo

They won New Zealand 3-1 for the ninth FIH Pro League date.

Leonas-cierre-perfecto The Lionas closed a perfect Sunday Author: Roberto Morcillo

They defeated New Zealand 3-0 in their fifth FIH Pro League performance

“The Lionas” got the bonus Author: Roberto Morcillo

The Lionas won Germany in the shoot-out, after having tied for the 80 minutes...


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