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Macri Fernandez Macri and Alberto Fernández, with their eyes on the Cordoba vote for the PASO Author: Redacción

They will close this week the campaigns of their candidates in Córdoba with t...

Elecciones This Sunday begins the electoral audiovisual advertising for the PASs Author: Redacción

It will be extended until the beginning of the closed order on August 9, two...

grieta The crack does not exist Author: Bob Ventura

The rift is inherent in all mankind since we became civilization. The importa...

Elecciones 2019 Fernandez2 Elections 2019, a “Fernandez” for every taste Author: Sebastian Aurucci

The real politik already has candidates.

salud-argentina-e1549889667149 The most boludos on the continent? Author: Bob Ventura

The government continues the immigration policy of Kirchnerism. We look like...

To a happy 2050! Author: Bob Ventura

2050 is tomorrow. Let him be happy for all of us. But for that, we have to ch...

Voting with our stomachs, we're going to starve to death. Author: Bob Ventura

It's time to think about what this country that is going to make us and our c...

Ceopolitics: Government of CEO´s or government wishes? Author: Sebastian Aurucci

¿But what conclusion can we draw after almost two and a half years in office?

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