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Infinitcom 15 years of cutting edge in telecommunications Author: Bob Ventura

Infinitcom has been at the forefront of the telecommunications market for 15...

Macaya Macaya Márquez: the living history of football Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Enrique Macaya Márquez is synonymous with football, stories and World Cup. Ou...

"I came to first in an untraditional way" Author: Tomas Fricher

Former Argentine soccer player. He currently serves as a panelist in the NET...

Netflix surprises and releases a film based on the series “Black Mirror” Author: acordero

“Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”, the first feature film from the universe of the...

"We are sons of rigor." Author: Tomas Fricher

"I love being argentine."

The HBO World Author: Fabian Albinati

I still have it in my mind when I was enjoying the HBO channel in the early 1...

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