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Argentines around the world
 Tec, The largest mural in the world Author: Bianca Ruggia

We tell you the story of a Cordoba artist who painted one of the largest mura...

Argentines around the world
Una marca bien brasileña, pero hecha por santafesinas A very Brazilian brand, but made by santafesinas Author: Julio De Martini

Two santafesinas went to Buzios and started a venture to sell clothes to “bre...

Brenda Böck The Brazilian voice of Santa Fe Author: Julio De Martini

In Santa Fe, Brenda Böck is synonymous with Brazilian music. Tour and musical...

As we are
Cordobeses por adopción Cordobeses by adoption Author: Bianca Ruggia

The story of our beloved Cordoba is full of wonderful characters. However, ma...

Stories of people
Rafaela The Star Archer Author: Marcelo De Lisio

The missionary Rafaela Robinson is 11 years old and is an archer in Brazil. W...

Stories of people
Mandarse en bici Send yourself by bike Author: Marcelo De Lisio

They say the one who wants light blue will cost him. The Posadeño Víctor Bado...

Solidarity fingerprint
APAC voluntarios For a true social reintegration Author: Julio De Martini

In Santa Fe, a group of volunteers imported the APAC method from Brazil. The...

As we are
Derribando-un-mito Telling down a myth Author: Julio De Martini

A Brazilian discards this myth that, in the lands of Pelé, everyone hates Arg...

Anita-Ontiveros Scatters players in the Brazilian futsal Author: Exequiel Nacevich

Anita Ontiveros is one of the best futsal players in the world. This year he...

Argentines around the world
familia pasa cuarentena en el mar Quarantine at sea Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Coni and Juan have been living on a boat for a year and a half together with...

Juampi Sorin Quarantine is more bearable with Juampi Sorín Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Juan Pablo Sorín — a former footballer, journalist and free spirit — accompan...

Argentines around the world
Emiliano-SOrdi Emiliano Sordi: an Argentine who turns around Author: Bianca Ruggia

Sordi won by KO in a fight in New York. He is a world MMA champion and travel...

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