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La-Mole-Moli From the ring to the boards Author: Bianca Ruggia

A day like today was born the Mole Moli, the controversial boxer from Cordoba...

Agustín-Gauto Argentine “The plane” of combat Author: Roberto Morcillo

“The plane” Agustín Gauto is serious. His hand is too heavy. Technique. Cold...

How we talk
Boxeo Boxing, our favorite metaphor Author: Exequiel Nacevich

The sport of pineapples gives us permanent expressions to apply in our daily...

Tigresa-Acuña “The Tigress Acuña”: a legend of boxing Author: Hipolito Azema

Learn more about Marcela “La Tigresa” Acuña, a legend inside and outside the...

Stories of people
Pablo-Rodríguez Meet the coach who keeps his club fight alive. Author: Redacción

The passion of a lifetime of this hurricane fan is part of this club in the n...

Agustin-Gauto “The plane” Gauto World Champion Author: Roberto Morcillo

“El avión” Gauto reached a new coronation and confirmed why it is one of the...

ringo-bonavena Oh, Ringo Author: Roberto Morcillo

The legend is so big, it's enough to say Ringo to know who we're talking abou...

Jeremías-Ponce A new World Champion Author: Roberto Morcillo

Jeremiah Ponce became IBO Superlight World Champion in Germany. He won by poi...

Nicolino Locche “The Untouchable” Author: Roberto Morcillo

I was lucky enough to see him boxing. It was unique. To this day, it remains...

Coton “The Coton” Reveco Author: Roberto Morcillo

Juan Carlos Reveco was one of the greatest exponents of local pugilism. An im...

Dinamita A boxer dies Author: Roberto Morcillo

The boxer Hugo “Dinamita” Santillán died after his fight with Eduardo Abreu,...

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