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Sanfilippo “The baby” Sanfilippo was bad Author: Roberto Morcillo

José “El Nene” Sanfilippo was a football player. The “bad guy” wasn't because...

Los-10-máximos-goleadores Top 10 scorers Author: Roberto Morcillo

We present you the official ranking of the top 10 scorers of Argentine footba...

ringo-bonavena Oh, Ringo Author: Roberto Morcillo

The legend is so big, it's enough to say Ringo to know who we're talking abou...

Libertadores 2014 The Holy Liberator Author: Roberto Morcillo

One day in 2014, Santo de Boedo, led by Edgardo Bauza beat Nacional de Paragu...

Basta de atar las cosas con alambre Stop tying things with wire! Author: Bob Ventura

We have a habit of complicating even the simplest and we can't even see it.

san lorenzo San Lorenzo gets six points out. Author: Roberto Morcillo

Irregularities were detected in the affidavits of Tinelli's team.

Contemporary Poetry Volume V Author: Hipolito Azema

A new installment of the literary analysis of the best productions of the fan...

LNB Quimsa is champion of #Super20BancoComafi Author: Roberto Morcillo

The Santiago team beat San Lorenzo by 76-70 and was consecrated with the titl...

"'Volver a Boedo' is a documentary about passion." Author: Redacción

From a personal point of view, it tells the story of the struggle of a group...

Being a footballer, I spent the best years of my life. Author: Pablo Gonzalez

We visited Pipi a few days after his farewell party. "Soccer gave me everythi...

Quini The master of filleting. Author: CarlosAraujo

Luis Zorz is an artist who knew how to capture through the filet, the memory...

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