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CABJ - Club Atletico Boca Juniors
Boca The first superclassic affected by COVID-19 went to Boca, but only in penalties Author: Gabriel Imparato

24 hours before the match, a massive contagion on the Núñez squad decimated t...

Boca River Boca Juniors arrives very complicated to the superclassic after three defeats Author: Gabriel Imparato

Miguel Ángel Russo's team lost their two Copa Libertadores matches and also o...

Boca River Boca and River will play twice the superclassic in less than 90 days Author: Gabriel Imparato

Next Sunday, with time to define, xeneizes and millionaires will be measured...

Esteban Andrada Esteban Andrada's health incident in Ecuador detonated a new intern in Boca Author: Gabriel Imparato

The goalkeeper arrived in Guayaquil for the Libertadores match. But, as a COV...

Mario Pergolini Mario Pergolini's resignation in Boca amplified a crisis that worsens day by day Author: Gabriel Imparato

Vorterix's entrepreneur and artistic director resigned as first vice presiden...

Stories of people
loco Banderita Crazy Banderita, Argentine football greets you Author: Mariano Oropeza

The Crazy Banderita was not only a great creation by Cacho de Villa Urquiza....

boca-river Is it good to lose playing well? Author: Joaquín Alonso

Following the double elimination of Boca and River by the Copa Libertadores a...

Diego Maradona Maradona and her stage in Boca Author: Joaquín Alonso

The first day Maradona wore Boca's shirt and his return to the club of his lo...

boca How did you get to Boca's shirt? Author: Hipolito Azema

We all know the history of the Boca shirt and the Swedish boat. But if you go...

La Bombonera Boca-River 2018 - Ser Argentino La Bombonera: temple of world football Author: Redacción

The experience of touring a Sunday of football in La Boca.

Cinco amigos y Boca Five friends and Boca Author: Redacción

Esteban Baglietto, Alfredo Scarpatti, Santiago Sana and the Farenga brothers:...

Colombia You never know. Author: Redacción

The thing is, you don't know anything. Nobody knows anything. And those who k...


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