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Paulina Gramaglia Abanderada del fútbol Author: Bianca Ruggia

Te contamos la historia de esta pequeña giganTe que, además de destacarse en...

Manuel-Belgrano The year of Belgrano Author: Gabriela Saavedra

2020 was decreed as the “Year of General Manuel Belgrano”, because two very i...

Stories of people
familia-abanderada A family of flag-bearers Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Pabla and Juan Manuel are the parents of John Paul. Together, the three finis...

All environment
rosario-costanera Rosario, the greenest city in Argentina Author: Redacción

Rosario was chosen the greenest city according to the Inter-American Developm...

Art and Literature
lola-mora Lola Mora, the sculptor of history Author: Adrian Farina

Lola Mora is more than a revolutionary artist, her work is directly linked to...

bandera argentina National symbols Author: Redacción

We share the four national symbols that represent us and their most relevant...

belgrano-carta Interview with Manuel Belgrano Author: Redacción

The grandson of Manuel Belgrano, tells details of his great-grandfather that...

Cigarettes with prize Author: CarlosAraujo

Many years ago, cigarette packs contained 10 unfiltered units, all national b...

The tallest tower Author: tgonzalezbonorino

Del Potro is 3 of the world and left the Argentine flag well planted at the t...

Remembrances Author: CarlosAraujo

In the homes we ate locro and empanadas, and in the afternoon, chocolate with...

Stories of people
Adryy-Antin-Junin-de-los-andes The little great example Author: Bob Ventura

A los tres años ya sabía cantar el Himno. Ama los colores celeste y blanco, y...

Every province should have such a monument. Author: rrecondo

It is a symbol, no doubt, it exceeds the regional, it is an icon of the count...

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