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Stories of people
ablación Oscar, Donor and Hero Salteño Author: Adrián Farina

A 20-year-old was killed by a patota, but his decision on the donation saved...

Urban Legends
Meir-Berliner. The legend of Meir Berliner Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Testimonies from survivors of the Treblinka extermination camp in Poland tell...

The worst thing about us
crimen-profesor The crime of the teacher and injustice Author: Exequiel Nacevich

Avelino Maure was finished by his partner and his best friend. Both were sent...

The worst thing about us
pedofilia Daniel Ludueña: paedophile and murderer Author: Bianca Ruggia

Daniel Ludueña (36) asked for an abbreviated trial that starts on Monday. Lif...

The worst thing about us
Sebastián-Bordón The murdered graduate Author: Exequiel Nacevich

The Bordón Case changed the history of the Mendoza Police, forever. A graduat...

The worst thing about us
perpetua-justicia Perpetual for murdering his pregnant girlfriend Author: Bianca Ruggia

Nahuel Rojas was convicted of femicide. Talí Alexis Moyano was 21 years old,...

The worst thing about us
Almita-Sibila Almita Sibila, the first femicide of Jujuy Author: Adrián Farina

Almita Sibila was fiercely murdered, but her image overcame death. Today she...

The worst thing about us
Asesinato-Cordoba Cruel murder in neighborhood Yofre Norte Author: Bianca Ruggia

Shock in Yofre Norte neighborhood (Córdoba), over the murder of a renowned me...

The worst thing about us
Los-hermanos-macana The Macana brothers Author: Exequiel Nacevich

Today, an anecdote. Yesterday, a creepy reality. The Leonelli brothers are th...

The worst thing about us
bazan Bazán Frías: criminal, vigilante or saint? Author: Adrián Farina

Bazán Frías an icon of the police stories of Tucumán, an individual who obscu...

The worst thing about us
Fratricidio Fratricide in Cordoba Author: Bianca Ruggia

Brothers be united, that's the first law. However, in the neighborhoods of Có...

The worst thing about us
El-Morocha El Morocha: short but intense life of a murderer Author: Exequiel Nacevich

At the age of 18, Matías Cerón, alias El Morocha, became the main target of t...

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