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Art and Literature
Daniel Salzano Daniel Salzano: the Cordovan with impeccable letters Author: Bianca Ruggia

This poet reached the whole country with his verses and songs. His works, wri...

Art and Literature
La feria del libro A predictable literary disappointment: the Book Fair suspended its 46th edition until 2022 Author: Gabriel Imparato

Affected by the second wave of coronavirus infections, the traditional encoun...

Art and Literature
Grete Stern Grete Stern: photography as art Author: Mariano Oropeza

German by birth, Argentina by choice, the photographer expanded the world of...

Art and Literature
Vicente López y Planes Gaby Herbstein: see to believe Author: Mariano Oropeza

Argentinian artist who, with his photos, generates awareness of social and en...

Art and Literature
Alejandra Pizarnik Alejandra Pizarnik or the exact language Author: Mariano Oropeza

A tireless traveller of the senses of words, and identities, with a knife in...

Art and Literature
Cuentos por teléfono Stories by phone: a call, a story Author: Gabriela Saavedra

The Argentina Library “Dr. Juan Álvarez”, Rosario, promotes this proposal in...

Art and Literature
Raquel Forner Raquel Forner: more than human Author: Mariano Oropeza

An exceptional Argentine artist, unique in its aesthetic and theme, radiograp...

Art and Literature
Acción Poética Poetic Action: the walls talk (and tell us nice things) Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Ten years ago, a Tucumano brought to Argentina this artistic movement that ex...

Art and Literature
Paris Fashion Week An Argentinian short film, starring Paris Fashion Week Author: Bianca Ruggia

The artistic and creative skills of Argentines reach all over the world. In t...

Art and Literature
Pablo Tosco Pablo Tosco, winner of Word Press Photo Author: Bianca Ruggia

An exceptional photographer from the province of Córdoba won first prize in t...

Art and Literature
literatura argentina Maria Cabeza tells us about her latest book Author: Redacción columnist and winner of the recognition “Ambassador of the W...

Art and Literature
Sara Facio Sara Facio: the militant of photography Author: Mariano Oropeza

The photographer and cultural manager practically invented the space of photo...


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