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Federico Manuel Peralta Ramos Federico Manuel Peralta Ramos: you will be what you have to be and stop screwing Author: Mariano Oropeza

The artist was much more than a “crazy” of the Manzana Loca Buenos Aires. It...

Mapuche Luisa Calmumil and Mapuche identity Author: Octavio Del Real

Luisa Calumil has been raising the voice of the native peoples for more than...

News of the Day
Osvaldo Miranda Osvaldo Miranda, on today's anniversary Author: María José Eleicegui

On November 3, 1915, Argentine actor Osvaldo Miranda was born, an undisputed...

Art and Literature
artistas cordobesas 5 Cordoba artists at FILBA Author: Bianca Ruggia

We will tell you who are the Cordoba artists who participate in the online ve...

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Marcelo Brodsky Today's birthday Author: María José Eleicegui

The artist Marcelo Brodsky was born on October 18.

Art and Literature
Fotografía The good memory of Marcelo Brodsky Author: Mariano Oropeza

Brodsky's eye boldly and sensitively documents the horrors to say “never agai...

premios Gardel 2020 Cordovan plague in the Gardel Author: Bianca Ruggia

We tell you who are the winners of the Gardel awards: Cordobeses and talented...

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Pepe Soriano A greeting to master Soriano Author: María José Eleicegui

Pepe Soriano turns 91 years old and more than half of these, along with perfo...

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Guillermo Roux Today is the birthday of Guillermo Roux Author: María José Eleicegui

Guillermo Roux is an outstanding Argentine plastic artist.

Art and Literature
Marcos López Marcos López: Argentinity to the lens Author: Mariano Oropeza

Santafesino photographer continues the national tradition in the search for t...

Artista antiespecista para la revolución feminista Anti-Specialist Artist for the Feminist Revolution Author: Bianca Ruggia

The birth of a Cordovan activist and singer is commemorated on a day like tod...

Art and Literature
Francisco Hernández locuras sanadoras Healing Crazies: Working from Chaos

“It's not about painting life, it's about making painting alive” (Paul Cezzan...


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