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Argentinian Actors
Leonardo Favio Leonardo Favio: an actor gene and a naughty soul Author: Bianca Ruggia

On his birthday, we remember and celebrate the life of this phenomenal actor...

Juan Carlos Mesa Juan Carlos Mesa, the artist who made a country laugh Author: Bianca Ruggia

On the day of his birthday, we take a tour of the trajectory of this humorist...

Guillermo Francella Guillermo Francella, with hail in Córdoba Author: Bianca Ruggia

This is not a meteorological hail, but about the new Netflix production that...

Javier Portales Javier Portales: an event to laugh Author: Bianca Ruggia

On the day of his birthday, we review the story of this Argentine actor and h...

Martín Bondone, de Teatro Ciego Martín Bondone, from Teatro Ciego: “Facing with one is always positive” Author: Mariano Oropeza

The Teatro Ciego, with its proposals in the dark, makes it possible for great...

Daniel Aráoz Daniel Aráoz: between MasterChef and a very long night Author: Bianca Ruggia

We tell you the story of this Cordovan actor who is played by cooking and alr...

News of the Day
eduardo blanco Who meets today? Author: Redacción

Eduardo Blanco is an Argentine film, theater and television actor. He was bor...

News of the Day
fabian gianola Who meets today? Author: Redacción

Fabián Javier Gianola is an Argentinean actor and conductor. He is the son of...

News of the Day
carlin calvo Today would be Carlin Calvo Author: Redacción

Carlos Calvo, better known as Carlín Calvo, was an Argentine actor and comedi...

News of the Day
osvaldo santoro Who meets today? Author: Redacción

A day like today but in 1948 Osvaldo Santoro was born, an Argentine actor and...

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francella Who meets today? Author: Redacción

Guillermo Héctor Francella is an Argentine actor and comedian. He is consider...

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nicolas cabre Who meets today? Author: Redacción

Nicolás Gabriel Cabré Brickenstaedt is an Argentinean actor. He was born in B...


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