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As we are
El secreto de la felicidad The secret of happiness Author: Gabriela Saavedra

On a very different Friend's Day, let's celebrate friendship in a distance.

Ameli el primer icardeador Ameli: the first icardeator Author: Roberto Morcillo

On the day of the friend, we share this story of infidelity of the “Coco” Ame...

The worst thing about us
Amistades que matan Friendships that kill Author: Bob Ventura

Friendships are sometimes complex...

As we are
You'll always be my frieeeeend, no matter what elsssseeee. Author: lansaldo

It will be that we Argentines are all half psychologists and good friends; th...

The passion of volley: a team of friends Author: Marcos A Sánchez

The group was no longer just a volleyball team, the affinity led us to share...

How we talk
Icardear: when your last name becomes a verb Author: Redacción

When he started playing football, Mauro Icardi dreamed that his surname was f...

As we are
An Argentine friend... Author: Redacción

We'll have a lot of flaws, but when we're friends, we're iron.

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