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Bayo Juan Cruz Bayo, the rosarino who stands out in adapted rowing Author: Pablo Arrizabalaga

Juan Cruz Bayo obtained the first place in the Special category 1x and the fi...

As we are
El-optimismo Optimism is not a thing for idiots Author: Redacción

I invite you to reflect together on the decision to be optimistic. A decision...

If he's your best friend, act like one. Author: Bob Ventura

Unconditional love, unconditional companionship, unconditional happiness

As we are
You'll always be my frieeeeend, no matter what elsssseeee. Author: lansaldo

It will be that we Argentines are all half psychologists and good friends; th...

Argentines around the world
That's a friend of mine. Author: Bob Ventura

My friend Mariano is the guy who fulfilled the fantasy of every kid in the ne...

As we are
An Argentine friend... Author: Redacción

We'll have a lot of flaws, but when we're friends, we're iron.

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