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radiactivo Radioactive danger in Valle Viejo Author: Adrian Farina

The possibility of radioactive danger put Valle Viejo and Catamarca on alert...

San Juan
Valle-de-la-luna 5 tips to plan a visit to the Moon Valley Author: Adrian Farina

The Valley of the Moon is an unmatched natural construction. We give you some...

San Luis
de-las-quijadas-san-luis Sierra de las Quijadas, the Puntano National Park Author: Adrian Farina

In San Luis we find the Sierra de las Quijadas National Park, a space that of...

GArganta-del-Diablo La Gorge del Diablo Jujeña Author: Adrian Farina

The Garganta del Diablo Jujeña is surrounded by terracotta and some green veg...

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Pana Pana, the new Yaguareté of Misiones Author: Adrian Farina

Pana was found and registered as part of the population of Yaguareté, encoura...

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Producción-Más-Limpia The Entrerriana industry is committed to the environment Author: Adrian Farina

The implementation of the Cleaner Production program invites the Entre Ríos i...

minas-wanda-5 Wanda Mines, Misiones Jewelry Author: Adrian Farina

Wanda Mines are a proposal that combines history, nature and the mining and j...

Geo-información-y-satélites Geo information and satellites guard native forests Author: Adrian Farina

Chaco uses world-class technology to take care of its natural resources. The...

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Chaco-topadora Gran Chaco and the campaign to save the native forest Author: Adrian Farina

Non-governmental organizations have committed themselves to combating defores...

All environment
plantando-vida3 The Tucuman Project Planting Life is awarded Author: Adrian Farina

The Plantando Vida project proposes an environmental improvement in Tucumán,...

Arq-Sustentable Wood construction reaches the university offer Author: Adrian Farina

Increases the academic offer on timber construction at UNNE to achieve sustai...

5-lugares-para-picnic-y-mates 5 places for picnics and mattes in Tucumán Author: Adrian Farina

We tell you which are the best places for you to go and enjoy a while of the...

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