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Health and Esthetics
comida cuarentena2 What to eat in quarantine? Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Healthy eating is very important, especially during quarantine. We tell you w...

Feria-agroecológica-4 Agroecological fair: the Cordobes say no to the agrotoxic Author: Bianca Ruggia

The fair that gives us food to thousands of students and inhabitants of Cordo...

Anchi Anchi, a salteño dessert par excellence Author: Adrian Farina

The anchi is a typical dessert of the region, but especially of the province...

achilata Achilata, Tucuman tradition against heat Author: Adrian Farina

It's fresh like ice cream, it can go in cones or glasses like ice cream, but...

How we talk
Introducción-al-vocabulario-salteño Introduction to the elementary Salteño vocabulary Author: Adrian Farina

If you go to Salta, you will listen to a set of words typical of the Salteño...

Bche-Lucas-Garibaldi- Scientists are rewarded to develop strategies to produce food with less environmental impact Author: Redacción

Lucas Garibaldi, 38 years old and specialized in agroecology issues, was awar...

All environment
yaguarete The Chaco region concentrates 80% of Argentina's deforestation, a Greenpeace report warned Author: Redacción

Eighty per cent of the area is concentrated in the Chaco region, in the provi...

Alimentación saludable para hipertensos Healthy Eating for Hypertensive Patients Author: Tito Crespo

Not all is dieting in the life of the one who has high pressure. Here are a f...

7 things you never have to put in the freezer Author: Tito Crespo

Some foods are not suitable for freezing.

Health and Esthetics
comida rapida Bad diets cause more deaths than tobacco and shorten life years Author: Redacción

It is the result of a study that analyzed eating habits in 195 countries. Exc...

Business and Enterprises
productos argentinos en alemania Argentinian food promotion in Germany Author: Redacción

Domestic companies were able to present their products and their exportable o...

Solidarity fingerprint
Actions to take advantage of food for the benefit of people in need in Jujuy Author: Paulina

It is a solidarity action to take advantage of excess production and help peo...

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