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Argentines around the world
Ballet In the world's ballet elite Author: Julio De Martini

Santafesina Pia Franco Nizzo studies in Germany, in one of the world's most r...

Cine-auto Are the drive-theaters back in San Juan? Author: Leopoldo Silva

The coronavirus crisis brought many changes, some unthought. Drive-theaters a...

Argentines around the world
Cielo The Trelewense who conquered the German sky Author: Laura Exposito

Cristian Pardo built Argentine satellites and now works as an aeronautical en...

Catnapp Catnapp: an Argentine in one of the hits of Netflix Author: Gabriela Saavedra

“Unorthodox” takes place in Berlin, where Catnapp lives, an Argentinean who i...

Argentines around the world
Blas-García The Neuquino who was furor at Fashion Week Author: Laura Exposito

His name is Blas Garcia. She works as a plastic artist in Germany and was a r...

Argentines around the world
Sueños When nothing frustrates your dream Author: Julio De Martini

Can a personal longing be complemented by the future of your daily life and c...

Argentines around the world
Axel-Kurt-Ottosen0 Axel, the young man who lives in Germany and dreams of becoming president Author: Exequiel Nacevich

He's been studying in Europe for a while. Axel participated in forums organiz...

Salta-tren de-las-nubes Why do travelers recommend Salta? Author: Adrian Farina

Salteño tourism is one of the most important in Argentina and the one that ha...

la-oma The story of “La Oma” Author: Adrian Farina

“La Oma” is more than an iconic song of Argentine folklore: it is a story tha...

Banff Banff: a film festival with a different energy Author: Laura Exposito

The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is the most important adventure f...

Historia46 The owners of silver - Part I Author: Sergio Prudencstein

How did the Great War in Europe affect Argentina? Why did some of the largest...

Joaquin-M After a long row, he came to Europe with his hockey stick. Author: Laura Exposito

Joaquín Martínez is a native of Neuquén and achieved the boy's dream: to join...

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