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Young Chaco boys coped the podiums of the Evita Games

The national meeting had the young Chaco as the main animators, who reached the first place in different disciplines.
El encuentro nacional tuvo a los jóvenes chaqueños como principales animadores
| 04 December, 2019 |

The work being done by the Instituto del Deporte Chaco is giving its results. The delegation of that province had an outstanding performance in the last edition of the National Games Evita 2019. The young Chaco reached first place in the medallion of adapted sports and third in conventional sports.

If we talk about adapted sport, the young Chaco won a total of 31 goldmedals. The Chaco delegation surpassed Santa Fe in this category with 27 gold medals and Formosa with 22. In the category of conventional sports the top of the podium could not be reached, but yes a place on the podium. They finished third in the medal stand behind Buenos Aires and Santa Fe.

The results reflect an intense work carried out by the young Chaco boys and demonstrated this by measuring against the best in the country. In Mar del Plata it was possible to see the claw of these competitors. Many of the members of the Chaco delegation are selected with the goal set at the Dakar 2022 Youth Olympic Games .

A delegation that made history

The delegation made up of young Chaco people, teachers and officials, has made history. For the first time Chaco climbs to a podium, and did it in two categories. And, most importantly, in one of those categories, he climbed to the top. An achievement that prides not only the sports field, but also all the Chaqueños.

This will strengthen the work that has been done for the young Chaco. Having ended up as protagonists means that the delegation has new expectations and commitments in the coming competencies. It will be necessary a preparation to defend the results obtained, to enter again on the podium. If possible, stay at the top of adapted sports and overcome the result of conventional sports.

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