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Where he puts the eye, puts the arrow

We get into the world of Aarchery. Jorge Luis Bustos tells us all about the sport of bow and arrow.
l mundo de la Aarquería. Jorge Luis Bustos
| 14 October, 2019 |

When we talk about bow and arrow, we often relate it to children’s stories, to great epic battles or even Robin Hood comes to mind. However, archery is a sport like any other. He’s got a stake in JJ’s. OO., are competing worldwide discipline and even the most advanced countries have their own internal competences. Argentina is on its way to that, and Mendoza is moving in that direction. Jorge Luis Bustos, Mendoza’s shooter, explains the reality of this discipline.

Jorge took charge of “importing” the sport: “About six years ago I met the archery in Cordoba, on a family holiday. There was a group of kids practicing, I came up, tried, threw some arrows and felt very natural.”

Andean Archers

Already on his return to Mendoza he tried to spread it: “It was hard for me to find someone who practiced it on a sports level. I found a group of people in Chacras de Coria, we started practicing and at the time we decided to form the Andean Archers Club, because Chacras de Coria was a bit small with regard to the shooting spaces and the safety zones.”

Andean Archers have more or less a group of about 40 or 50 archers that rotate, but this is not the same all year. “There are times, like winter, which is a little colder, some archers do not come and prefer to join in September or in the summer”, highlights Bustos.

Several tournaments and competitions are held nationwide. “From that there is a national ranking of the field gamemodality. Razo: arc without sight or stabilization. Recurve Olympic: exactly like the bow of the JJ. OO. Composite: bow with pulleys”, mentions Jorge.

As always, some countries maintain sports policies, so Jorge asserts that “there are powers and people who live from this. As in the United States, Italy, Sweden or Spain. Because there’s state support. Here you have to take care of the costs of your trip when you go to a tournament.”

Now we know, climb a tree with a branch and a piola tied to its ends, a rod making an arrow and pointing to the apple ceased to be a child’s play. Now it’s a sport: archery.

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