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Welcome to the history of River Plate

This is the first installment in a series dedicated to the story of one of the most important teams in
la historia de uno de los equipos más importantes del mundo: River Plate.
| 01 November, 2019 |

This is the first installment of a special series that will review the history of the biggest football clubs in our country. In this case, we will talk about River Plate, but attentive dear reader: if you are not fana del millo, I kept trampling Ser Argentino that you will surely find a special dedicated to your team.

Now yes, we get into head in the history of one of the two largest teams in our country.

The principle of everything

The River Plate Athletic Club was born the May 25 , 1901 as the result of the merger of two other clubs: Santa Rosa and La Rosales . The first president was Leopoldo Bard, who also became the first captain of the team (a color fact: he was Austrian). In fact, the entire board of directors was composed of players (how nice it would be if this system was still in place, don’t you think?) : in addition to the aforementioned president and captain, Alberto Flores was part of the vice-presidency, Bernardo Messina as secretary, Enrique Balza as prosecretary and Enrique Salvarezza as treasurer.

As every footballer knows, the first court was located in what was known as the Dársena Sud (now Barracas/La Boca). Then, and this fact is not so well known, he took a brief step through Sarandi, where moved the court and the registered office, and then returned to La Boca. The first “official” party (the quotes are because, as we already clarified, it was still a amateur team) was part of the Third Division of the National Tournament, and was against General Belgrano “A”, party that River won. There is glory from the start. It took them only two seasons to go to the Second Division and others three ascend to the highest level.

River reaches the first division

The promotion was not without controversy. On December 13, 1908 they played the final with Racing Club, a match they won 2-1. But the match was challenged by Racing because in the celebration of River’s second goal the fans of the future “millionaire” entered the field of play. The “proto” AFA agreed to Racing and the match was played again on December 27. Won River again, but this time the difference in the score was seven goals. Flower Christmas gift for River fans.

In 1914, the club manages to raise the funds to make its first major building work: the stadium is added a roofed platea and a grandstand, which gets girl very fast. River was becoming a very popular club.

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